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Graphic Design

Includes branded Instagram stories, in-feed posts, logos, print collateral and more.

Product Highlights

*Designed on behalf of Metta Society

Product Highlights

*Also used for Amazon Listings

Brand Announcements

*Designed on behalf of Metta Society


*Designed on behalf of Metta Society

UGC / TikTok

Product Photography

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The Face Behind The Camera

Hi, I'm Alex!

I am the founder of Hex Code Creative! After a few years of a traditional nine to five, I felt totally drained and uninspired. I realized that not many businesses were utilizing social media to its full potential or (even worse) not seeing the importance of a strong social identity. Having my own agency allows me to partner with dynamic, inspired brands that are full of potential.  I love finding new life in outdated brands, revamping existing social presences, or building brand personas from scratch. 


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