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Hex Code Creative specializes in bold and effective strategy, creation, and management for vibrant brands, companies and personalities. We pride ourselves in building genuine connections between your brand and your audience.

We work to understand your unique goals and provide seamless integration with other components of marketing and branding to ensure organic growth and exposure. To simplify, we help you reach new heights by redirecting, redefining and reimagining your social presence. 

We want to take the hassle and time commitment of social media management and content creation off your hands, so you can focus on the many other moving parts of your brand. We will manage your organic social strategy, content creation, and influencer marketing all under one roof.

Social media Strategy

Audience Analysis, Brand Strategy, Monthly Audits and Influencer Marketing

social media management

Weekly Content Planning, Community Management and Paid Advertisements

content creation and design

Product Photography, Web Design, Campaign Management and Graphic Design

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Let's talk Our History

You may be asking, what is a Hex Code?


Well, every shade of every color has a 6-digit (hexadecimal) code. These hex codes are a way of representing colors when doing design and digital work – essentially they are like a color’s bar code.


At Hex Code Creative, we believe that color has the power to transform your brand. Color evokes emotion and cultivates strong connections. Through thoughtful design, personalized strategies and dedicated execution, your brand will shine.


There are 16,777,216 digital hex codes. Ready to pick the right one?

Hi, I'm Alex.

After graduating from the University of Colorado with a marketing degree, I started working as a social media manager in a usual 9-5 job. I felt drained and boxed in. I took a leap, bet on myself…and Hex Code Creative was born. Having my own agency allows me to partner with dynamic, inspired brands that are full of potential. I love finding new life in outdated brands, revamping existing social presences, or building brand personas from scratch. 


Let’s create together.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Alex was so easy to work with. She had an intuition for what I needed despite my lack of completely detailed instructions or vision. She would be the first place I would go for similar work in the future. She was excellent value.
Matthew P.
Grow Capital Partners Inc.
Andrea W.
Colorado Plastic Surgery Center
Tony H.
Shriller Creative
Erin E.
Metta Society

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A boutique marketing agency based in the beautiful and innovative state of Colorado. 

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